Canada to pay $10 million to settle domestic property claim

CANADA, April 25 (Reuters) – Canada will pay a total of $10.9 million to resolve claims from an elderly couple who say they were illegally evicted from their home because they were not covered under the country’s domestic property policy, the Ministry of Housing said on Thursday.

The ministry said the couple, who lived in a bungalow in the city of Toronto, were evicted by their landlord for being too ill to move in.

The couple was able to prove their home was insured under the policy because of the tenant’s illness, but the insurance was revoked by the tenant due to a dispute over the amount of insurance.

The couple appealed to the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp., which is the government agency that oversees the countrys domestic property policies, but a decision on the case was delayed until late this year.

The Ontario government’s Housing Ministry has said it has been trying to resolve the case with the landlord since it began to enforce the policy in September 2015.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has said she would like to see the policy enforced nationwide.

(Reporting by John Milloy; Editing by Daniel Trotta)