How to get your Halifax property insurance quotes

The Halifax property insurer is offering up to $10,000 in cash for property insurance that meets the following criteria: The insurer meets the criteria above.

The insurer is located in Nova Scotia.

The property is insured by a municipality.

The insurance policy is purchased directly from the insurer.

The policy must cover the policyholder’s full lifetime.

The company will send you an email or phone call with more information once the claim has been processed.

The process can take up to two weeks.

It’s worth noting that the insurance company can deny your claim if it feels the claims aren’t accurate or that the claims are for more than $10 000.

Here’s how to claim.


Call Halifax property insurers website.

You can find the city’s insurance agents by calling 767-937-3872.

They can also send you a notification via email.


Pay the insurance claim amount online.

The amount you pay depends on how much coverage you have.

The more coverage you get, the more you’ll save.


The agent will send a check to your address within 10 business days.

You’ll have to pay the insurance agent the full amount before you receive your insurance policy.

If you don’t pay the full claim amount within the time limit, the agent will claim your policy.


You will receive an email from the insurance agency.

You need to sign up for the Halifax property policy to receive the policy.


Complete the claim form.

You have 10 days to complete the claim.

The claim form will contain a link to the online application form.

The form will ask for your name, address, email, phone number, and other details about yourself.

The check will be sent directly to your email address.


If all is well, the claim will be processed within 2-4 business days and you’ll receive your policy from the Halifax insurance agent.


Submit the claim online.

Once the claim is received, you can either complete the online claim form, or submit your claim by phone at 767.937.3872 or at the Halifax Property Office.

The Halifax insurance agency will forward your claim to the insurer for review and approval.

The Insurance Company of Nova Scotia will send an email to the insured property owner within 24 hours of the claim being approved.

The email will include a link that you’ll have 10 business day to submit the claim before the claim cannot be approved.


The Nova Scotia Property Insurance Corporation will review the claim within 72 hours.

The insured property will receive a confirmation email within 24-48 hours.


The City of Halifax will receive the insurer’s final decision within 48 hours.


The claimant will receive compensation from the City of Nova Sc.

The owner will be responsible for paying the premium.