How to save a few bucks by getting real estate insurance

The key to making the most of real estate is to take advantage of the insurance you have on it, said Alan Miller, owner of the Miller Property Insurance Agency.

“You’ll want to have coverage for everything that goes along with your property, but also for everything in the vicinity of your property,” Miller said.

“For example, a dog park or an office building is a great place to have a property that’s very quiet.

If you’re an office worker, you could also have a dog or cat park near your office, and that could save you money because you don’t have to pay for the dog park.”

Another example is if you own a property in a city and there are many places where you can park your car, you can buy insurance on that property,” he said.”

The other way you can save is if your vehicle is a new vehicle.

You could buy a vehicle that’s not a newer vehicle.

If the owner is willing to buy insurance for the vehicle, you’re saving money.

If it’s a brand new vehicle, the insurance is much more valuable.

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