How to pay for your house and car with a credit card and car insurance

Credit card companies and car insurers are offering new discounts on car insurance.

Here’s what to know about the new discounts.

Calls for car insurance discounts?

Calls to the Federal Trade Commission to file complaints against insurance companies, including auto insurers, have increased, according to a report released Thursday by the advocacy group Consumers Union.

The number of complaints filed with the FTC by car insurers jumped 40 percent in the first six months of 2018 from the same period in 2017, the report found.

The number of FTC complaints about car insurance rose by 37 percent.

Consumers Union also said the number of consumer complaints about insurance company practices has risen by nearly 40 percent over the same time period.

According to the report, consumers have been more likely to file a complaint against insurers because of rising competition, new policies that offer a wider range of benefits and lower rates.

In addition, complaints about the company have grown faster than those about health care providers.

In 2018, consumers filed nearly 5.1 million complaints against health care companies.

This year, complaints rose to 4.3 million.