Why did you pay for your house to be demolished?

What was the reasoning behind the decision to demolish your home?

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I am a resident of the UK and am currently living in London.

I bought a house in London in 2014 and it is now owned by a company called edison property.

I paid £4,500 for it, which was due to be paid off in December 2020.

I was in London for a few months when my wife and I were planning a family and I realised that I had not paid the rent on my home.

I started researching on the internet and found that edison had built a £500,000 house in East London in the early 2000s.

I started looking into how I could get a refund from edison, but I could not find out any details about how the money was spent.

I eventually contacted the London borough council, who were very helpful and told me that the money had been spent on infrastructure, public transport and public housing.

After getting in touch with Edison I found out that the funds had gone to a company known as edison investment trust.

This company was not involved in the demolition, and it was only for “economic development”.

I was extremely angry, as I had been paying my rent for the past 18 months.

I wanted to be compensated for the money I paid and I had to pay back my mortgage and pay off the mortgage by the end of 2020.

After much pleading, Edison told me there was no way I could do that.

I then contacted the Home Office.

I explained that I was renting a home and I was paying £4.75 a week for it and that I thought it was time to move.

They agreed that it was not appropriate to ask for money back from someone else who was not responsible for it.

The borough council then took action and asked for my financial information to be shared with them.

It was an unpleasant experience.

The council said they had to look into what was going on and had asked me for my contact details.

I had no idea what they were talking about and I started crying.

I contacted Edison to ask why they had been told to do this and they were not helpful at all.

I contacted the local Labour Party who said that they were very supportive of the borough council.

I was surprised when I spoke to a Labour councillor, who said: “This is a bit of a grey area, because it could be a Labour-only issue”.

I contacted Edisons solicitors and asked them to explain how they could tell whether this was an economic development project or whether it was a project funded by Edison.

They replied that they could only give me the information they had on the borough.

I am not sure how Edison would tell whether a building was a Labour or Tory-only project or not.

After many attempts to speak to Edisons representatives I finally got in touch again with a local Labour member of the council and asked her what the local council was trying to achieve.

She replied that she was not sure, and said that the council was still trying to reach out to Edison for clarification.

I have never been more angry and frustrated.

I would never have believed that a private company could be given the right to spend money on public infrastructure.

If Edison had not built this house, I would not have been able to buy my own house in the first place.

The decision to build a £50m building on a private land is completely unjustifiable.

I want to know why they did this to me.

It is an outrage.

I want to make sure that people who were responsible for the demolition do not get to keep the money that was spent on the house.

I have been calling Edison since April to ask about my case, but it has been several months since I have heard back from Edisons solicitor.

I will be contacting Edisons to ask them why they are not doing anything.

I feel that they should do everything in their power to give me an answer.

Edison is a company which is owned by the family of the founder of Edison Investment Trust, Bernard Edison, who died in 2011.

Bernard Edisons sons-in-law, Richard and David, were directors of the company from 1999 until 2011.

Richard Edison is the brother of Bernard Edings son-in the Edisons family.

He is the Chairman of Edisons investment trust and is also the former CEO of the property consultancy company PWC Group.

The property firm, PWC, is based in London and is based at the PWC Property Group building.

It owns a number of properties including the Ritz-Carlton and Canary Wharf.

Edisons investments are not based in the UK, but are in the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas.

They also have properties in London, Dubai, Dubai Airport and Dubai.

The building that was built on Ed