Allianz Property Insurance Company to issue new policy for ‘medical evacuation’

Allianzz Property Insurance Co. is to issue a new policy that covers the costs of medical evacuation for the entire insurance industry, which it said was not previously covered.

The company said in a statement on Thursday that it was launching the new policy on Aug. 3.

The policy will cover the costs for medical evacuation at home, including: air and ground transport of injured persons to and from hospital or medical facility, the purchase of a portable evacuation system, and the use of the home emergency services.

The company also said it would provide a list of recommended evacuation locations, as well as provide advice on evacuation planning.

“Our current insurance policies do not cover the medical evacuation of all of our insured customers,” Allianzi said.

“We have made this decision because our industry is facing unprecedented demand from the medical community and is rapidly evolving.

The new policy will address our challenges in the medical sector by providing insurance cover to all of the insurers who are participating in this emerging market.”

Allianz’s previous policy covers only a limited range of the industry’s coverage.

The previous policy covered only those insurers that have been involved in the “medical evacuation of injured personnel,” according to the statement.

Allianzo said its policy covers the entire insured market, and it is expected to cover “all types of events” as well.

The policies also cover people who have medical evacuation orders issued by other insurers, the statement said.

The announcement comes amid an ongoing debate about the future of the medical profession, which has been rocked by the Ebola outbreak.

The new policy comes at a time when the medical and financial sector is grappling with an influx of medical workers from countries including the U.S., Britain and China.

A growing number of American hospitals have announced that they will not accept incoming patients.