Why does it cost more to insure an employee in the US than in Australia?

I have a very good reason to believe that the US government’s cost of insurance in the U.S. is higher than in most other countries.

It has an unusually high percentage of employees who are covered by insurance through their employers, and the cost of providing such coverage is often high.

In Australia, the US, and most other industrialized nations, the cost is lower.

As the article points out, the percentage of workers covered by their employer insurance is lower than in the United Kingdom and France, and also lower than that in the UK and Canada.

But even so, the U,S., and most of the other countries with comparable insurance coverage have a much higher percentage of people covered by employers insurance than the U., UK, and Canada, even in the midst of an economic crisis.

The article says that a good example of how much more expensive it would be to insure workers in the USA would be in the case of a serious accident that resulted in serious injuries or death.

It would be very costly to cover the workers’ insurance for such an accident, so it would probably be a better option for a government to fund it through taxation.

This article is based on a report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

The author is an economist and the lead author of a paper on the subject, titled “The Cost of Insurance Coverage in the World’s Most-Watched Countries.”

This article originally appeared on Business Insider.