College students get their own private insurance company

The College Board is launching a new insurance product to help students save for college.

The College Credit Protection Plan, or CCPP, is a new policy that gives students access to the College Credit Insurance program, which provides private insurance coverage for students at private institutions.

CCPP will be offered to students enrolled at institutions accredited by the accrediting agency for financial aid and student-run non-profit organizations that provide support to students.

The CCPP is available to both undergraduates and graduate students.

CCPs cost $20 per year per person and are currently available to the following institutions: The University of Notre Dame, New Orleans, La., The University at Albany, Albany, New York, The University and College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts CCPs are not available to residents of the United States.

In addition to CCPP coverage, the College of William and Mary offers CCPs at its residential campus.

CCIP will offer CCPP to students and faculty in their homes.

CCIPP will be available to students in the United Kingdom.

CCOP is available on a sliding scale based on income and family size.

CCpply, the student-funded site for student-owned companies, has launched a website that allows students to find out about the CCPP.

Students are also encouraged to apply for CCPP at the College’s Office of Student Financial Assistance.